A Wild Bread cook book fan makes sourdough whole wheat & rice bread loaves


Santa Fe resident, vegan, and bicycling advocate Jackie Shane baked these sourdough whole wheat/rice bread loaves and took their picture. She says, “Got the idea from Sandor Katz author of Wild Fermentation, and the awesome starter from Lisa Rayner, who authored Wild Bread.”

Wild Bread: Handbaked sourdough artisan breads in your own kitchen

Wild Bread Book

Solar baked almond flour pie crust with chocolate tofu cream filling

This super easy nut flour pie crust recipe is in The Sunny Side of Cooking solar cookbook. I mixed almond flour with a little organic evaporated cane juice and melted vegan butter (melted dairy butter and coconut oil work too). Then I pressed the mixture into a 9-inch pie pan and baked the crust, covered, in my Global Sun Oven for 25 minutes. After the crust was cool, I poured in a blend of silken tofu, melted chocolate chips, evaporated cane juice, a banana, and cocoa powder. I drizzled a melted chocolate chip-honey sauce over the pie and then arranged the organic raspberries on top. I refrigerated the pie until the filling was set. Use this crust for any filling that does not need baking. Other nut flours work well, too.

Ethiopian injera: gluten free sourdough flatbread

Injera crepes are the staple bread/grain of Ethiopia. Traditional injera is made from a spontaneously-forming sourdough batter. A tef flour and water batter is left to ferment naturally over the course of a a couple days.

In my case, I began the fermentation with 1 oz of my whole wheat starter. It is also possible to buy a gluten free sourdough culture from GEM Cultures that is maintained with brown rice flour.

What’s the difference between pancakes and crepes? The thickness of the batter. My injera are somewhere in between the two. For the last feeding, I thinned out the batter with some melted vegan butter  and soymilk (instead of water) and a little more tef flour.

Tef (also spelled teff) is a very tiny cereal grain that grows well in cool temperatures (the Ethiopian Plateau is 10,000 feet high). It would probably do well as a grain crop in my high elevation climate. Injera is also made with millet, barley, and other grain flours. I devote a chapter in my book Wild Bread: Handbaked sourdough artisan breads in your own kitchen to gluten free breads like injera and East Indian fermented pancakes and steamed dumplings. I also explain how to make sourdough loaf bread using gluten free flour mixes.